What to expect!

  1. 1. Visitor Parking
    At Mount Zion we want our Guest to know you are important to us. So when you come to any of our worship experiences we have a parking spot saved up front just for you. When you enter the main parking area we have Visitor Parking Spaces to the left of our main church building.
  2. 2. Hospitality
    Hospitality As you enter our doors we have greeters who are waiting to answer any questions you may have. Just look for the person with the biggest smile standing waiting for you at the door. We are here to make your day shine just a bit brighter. Additionally, we have guest cards we would love for you to fill out so we can stay in contact with you. It is at this entrance you can find out more information about who we are as a Church and how we can serve you best as our guest.
  3. 3. Welcome Gift
    We hope you like receiving gifts as we have a special gift bag waiting on your arrival. During the welcome of guest you will receive a special gift bag just as our way of saying Thank You for worshipping with us and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.